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How it Works


Register with the MALL or sign in to see the wholesale prices.

Step 2

Select products and place the order to the Italian company selling them.

Step 3

Get the cheapest shipping cost from the company and pay it.

The ItalianModa B2B Mall is operated by ItalianModa.com Srl, an Italian company established in 2000 and based in northern Italy, near Milan.

Since then the company is fully committed to developing and maintaining the ItalianModa B2B marketplace, the internationally-acclaimed marketplace where wholesale buyers and companies find, make contact and develop business with qualified Italian fashion manufacturers and brands. If you are looking for reliable Italian fashion suppliers, the ItalianModa B2B marketplace is your ultimate source!

In the ItalianModa B2B Mall there are two main characters: buyers and sellers.

  • Buyers are wholesale operators (retail shops, boutiques, online stores, wholesalers, companies and department stores) looking for high quality Italian fashion products direct from selected Italian manufacturers and brands.
  • Sellers are Italian companies introducing and selling (wholesale only) a selection of their best products. They take charge of everything related to sales, shipping and customer service.

ItalianModa.com Srl takes care of the technical and marketing management of the ItalianModa B2B Mall, but it is absolutely not involved in any sales process.The wholesale buyers using the Mall place an order to one or more Italian sellers joining the B2B platform, not to the ItalianModa.com company. More information about how the Mall works and the conditions of use are available at the FAQs & Conditions page.

Se è la prima volta che usi il MALLB2B ItalianModa, ti consigliamo di iniziare a cercare i tuoi prossimi prodotti italiani all'ingrosso utilizzando lo strumento di ricerca qui sotto.

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